This section outlines how to install and do basic configuration of switchmap-ng.

Install Prerequisite Packages

switchmap-ng has the following requirements:

  • python >= 3.5
  • python3-pip

It will not work with lower versions.

Ubuntu / Debian / Mint

The commands for installing the dependencies are:

$ sudo apt-get -y install python3 python3-pip snmp

Centos / Fedora

The commands for installing the dependencies are:

$ sudo dnf -y install python3 python3-pip net-snmp-utils

Install Switchmap-NG

Installation is simple. Follow these steps

Clone the Repository

Now clone the repository and copy the sample configuration file to its final location.

$ git clone
$ cd switchmap-ng

Edit Configuration File

Edit the SNMP credential information in the configuration file.

$ cp examples/etc/config.yaml etc/config.yaml
$ vim etc/config.yaml

    - group_name: Corporate Campus
      snmp_version: 3
      snmp_secname: woohoo
      snmp_port: 161
      snmp_authprotocol: sha
      snmp_authpassword: testing123
      snmp_privprotocol: des
      snmp_privpassword: secret_password

Run Installation Script

Run the installation script. There are two alternatives:

Installing as a regular user

There are some things to keep in mind when installing switchmap-ng as a regular user.

  1. Use this method if you don’t have root access to your system.
  2. The switchmap-ng daemons will not automatically restart on reboot using this method.

To make switchmap-ng run with your username, then execute this command:

$ maintenance/

Installing as the “root” user

There are some things to keep in mind when installing switchmap-ng as the root user.

  1. The switchmap-ng daemons will automatically restart on reboot using this installation method.
  2. Note: Do not run setup using sudo. Use sudo to become the root user first.

To install switchmap-ng as the root user execute this command:

# maintenance/

Testing Installation

There are a number of ways to test your installation.

Testing Polling

You can test your SNMP configuration and connectivity to your devices using the switchmap-ng-cli utility like this:

$ bin/switchmap-ng-cli test poller --all

Testing the Web Interface

You can test whether the API is working by visiting this url. (You will need to make adjustments if you installed the application on a remote server):


The Webserver help page provides the necessary steps to view switchmap on port 80 using Apache or Nginx

Next Steps

It is now time to review the various configuration options.